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          Clovia I Holdsworth教授学术报告会预告

          责任编辑: ?? 浏览次数:80 ?? 2019-09-11

          我院雷炳富教授邀请了来自澳洲纽卡索大学的Clovia I Holdsworth教授做学术报告,内容精彩,欢迎全体师生参加!

          时  间:2019912日(星期四)上午09:30 - 10:30

          地  点:材料与能源学院北楼231室(教工之家)

          报告题目:Analytical Methods and Polymer Research (分析方法与聚合物研究)






          Analytical Methods and Polymer Research



          This talk will focus on analytical methods: potentiometric titration, capillary electrophoresis (CE) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, developed to address some challenges encountered during quantitative characterisation of monomers and polymeric materials. We have successfully applied potentiometric titration in the determination of pKa’s of non-watersoluble monomers while CE and NMR have been proven efficient for characterisation of heterogeneous polymeric systems (i.e. molecularly imprinted polymers and conductive polymers). 


          Clovia I Holdsworth教授简历

          Associate ProfessorClovia I Holdsworth is currently the Deputy Head of School – Teaching and Learning of the School of Environmental and Life Sciences and Head of the Discipline of Chemistry at the University of Newcastle, Australia.  As a chemist with training in free radical polymer synthesis and functionalisation, her current research focus is in the area of specialty polymers particularly molecularly imprinted polymers and materials for organic electronics. Over her entire academic career, she has supervised 13 PhD, 6 MS students to completion as well as a number of Honours and undergraduate research students.


          Please refer to her profile below


          if further information is required.